Airo Rechargeable Vaporizer White

Airo Rechargeable Vaporizer White

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The AiroPro Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer is the device that is designed exclusively to house these incredible CBD pods! Its sleek and slim design allow it to be used discreetly in any public atmosphere, while still packing a hefty enough battery to deliver you the vapor you are looking for! You will also know that the AiroPro Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer is working as the device delivers a gentle vibration to indicate it's active. It's 8.5 watt output provides you with a 2 second draw each time you hit it. Not only is it rechargeable, it gradually tells you its power level! So no matter if you're out on the town or just hanging on the couch, you know exactly when you need to charge up!

Benefits of the AiroPro Rechargeable CBD Vaporizer:

  • 150 puffs per cartridge
  • Expansive cartridge selection
  • Pleasing vibrating sensation
  • Better value than disposable
  • Recyclable

How to Use the AiroPro CBD Cartridge Vaporizer:

  • Insert/drop cartridge into device
  • Draw on mouthpiece to activate vaping
  • Device vibrates to indicate that it's active during usage

Active Feedback Indication:

  • One pulse = 30% battery capacity remaining
  • Two pulses = 20% battery capacity remaining
  • Three pulses = 10% battery capacity remaining
  • Halo flashes 10 times = battery expired and needs to be charged

What's Included:

  • AiroPro Device
  • Micro USB Charging Chord
  • User Manual

AiroPro Rechargeable Specifications: 

  • Closed system, not compatible with other vaporizer cartridges
  • 6082-T6 Aluminum Alloy Body
  • 320 mAh Li-on Battery
  • 8.5W power output
  • Serving Size: one 2 second draw; each vaporizer provides 150 puffs